Who are we? What are we? We are first and foremost entirely consumed with an over riding passion for the dramatic. We grew up watching Batman and Alien… Star Trek and Star Wars. We got excited at costume design and the sheer beauty that such visual forms created and how they transformed the wearer. In the struggle to further the boundaries of what is possible and what will provide the correct balance of beauty and theatric impact, attention to detail and the restless pursuit of our artistic vision, drives us constantly to further both what we know we can achieve and what we hope to create tomorrow.

However, we are not so blinded by our own vision that we content ourselves to tread our path alone. To this end, we welcome the opportunity to work with anyone who has a vision of their own… a vision that they might lack the skills and necessary tools to accomplish. As such, almost any design criteria you might wish to explore can be accommodated. At the very least, we will give it our greatest attention in an effort to bring it to life.

The skills we have in this field have been developed over decades in the highly rewarding and demanding environment of prosthetics.  Our professionalism and highly regarded range of sculptural skills within this arena has resulted in our services being requested in many countries. To this end, we have finely honed such techniques and skills both within our professional and personal lives as to grant us the tools necessary to communicate our visions… to phrase our thoughts through our work and make them a physical reality.








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